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Re: S4 tires, Intended Acceleration

        I'm looking for spring-to-fall street tires that will do well in
>our frequent rain (if it ever gets warm enough to do that). The current
>tires are 225/50 16. I drive aggressively, but won't be taking the S4 to
>the track. In reviewing the archives, although there are some conflicting
>opinions out there, it sounds as though many of you like the Dunlop SP
>Sport 8000 and D40 M2. I got the impression from one post that the D40 M2
>might perform a bit better on wet pavement. Can anyone suggest between the
>two Dunlops, and should I consider any other tires?

The D40's are exceptional handlers, dry or wet.  Never had the SP8000's on
my cars, bu have driven on them.  I put the SP4000 all seasons on my UrQ
when I lived in Colorado and they're still on them.  They give a little
away in ultimate grip to the 8000's, but they are built on the same
carcasse, so it's not that much.  Scrubbed the front edges pretty well at
the QClub's Second Creek outing right after they were put on the car, but
that's about the only time they haven't just about had it all.  A serious
alternative to consider.

BTW, did Ned's upgrade include only a modified chip?


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