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PDA driving events

     Just for reference, there are some Alfa guys called Performance 
     Drivers Association.  They put on events at the bridge and pocono for 
     about $150/day or $225/weekend.  They are not the safest(no corner 
     workers) org but they rent a meatwagon for anything that may arrise.  
     I haven't done one in a few years but they usually only got about 
     20-30 cars and they told me they make money.  Unfortionately they 
     attracted idiots in their new exotic sports cars that didn't know how 
     to drive that ran us racers off the track.  They had no clue what a 
     safe pass is or what "holding the line" meant.  It was fun though.  I 
     used to chase this guy in a Pantera with my Spitfire(race).  He would 
     pass me on the straight like I was not moving and I would take it back 
     in the curves!
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire