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Re: GT loose in the front end

     Gary, this sounds alot like your toe is off.  Was the car realigned 
     since you did all this work.  Check the wear on the inside edge of the 
     front tires.  If your toe is too far out, it will wear the inside 
     edges of the tires.  I had a similar problem and as soon as I 
     corrected the toe, the car was smooth all the way to 120mph.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: GT loose in the front end
Author:  "G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com> at Internet
Date:    5/1/96 10:50 AM

Ok folks, here's the problem that's been plaug\ing (sp?) since I got the 
Boge struts put in:
The steering has been feeling like it's slightly disconnected from the 
rest of the car.  Sometimes when I brake the steering wheel will shake 
violently in my hands.  It doesn't happen all of the time, and it doesn't 
appear to be speed related.  (The strength of the vibration _will_ vary 
according to the speed of the car, but the shaking doesn't seem to be 
triggered by applying the brakes at any specific speed.)
Also, the wheels don't feel like they have a solid connection to
the steering wheel.  Over rough roads, I can be holding the wheel firmly 
in one place, and it feels like the front wheels are dancing over the road 
as if I was not holding the wheel at all.  There also seems to be more 
free play on center than is normal.
Background info on the cars is:
Boge Pro Gas shocks/struts ~5000 miles ago
new tie rod ends, bump stops, strut bearings at the same time 
new anti-sway bar bushings ~4000 miles ago
new control arm bushings ~7000 miles ago (done by a questionable shop) 
Borbet Type C 15x7 wheels w/ Dunlop D60A2's ~8500 miles ago 
	(rebalanced and rotated in the last 1500 miles)
The steering has always felt a little less than perfect in this car, but 
there was a big change felt when the stiffer shocks went in and it has 
been getting worse since.
Sorry for all the bandwidth, but this is beginning to drive me nuts!
'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR
Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
503-702-5789       e-mail: erickson@teleport.com