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Re: Open Letter to QCUSA (and Judge'

> I fully agree with Judge in this matter.  I have let my Quattro Club 
> membership lapse because although the newsletter is very nice, it isn't 
> worth 30 bucks and I don't see any other inherent advantage other than 
> the opportunity to participate in a QCLUB driving school.  If I win the 
> lottery, then I can rejoin the club to participate in the schools.

While I see Graydon's point and am equally suspicious of QCUSA's accounting,
I also feel compelled to point out that my membership dues for at least the
next 20 years were paid-in-full with the additional money I talked Allstate
into paying me for my wrecked '87 5k ... as many subscribers will recall, I
was able to convince them my QCUSA membership gave me access to hundreds of
dedicated Audi enthusiasts, at least one of whom would be happy to pay me a
large sum of money for my car, as compared to the local Phoenix market with
its many $1400 5ks and $2350 5ktqs (in the past month, there have been FOUR
'86 & '87 5ktqs advertised with asking prices of less than $3000 ... a real
shame that I don't have a larger driveway, eh?).

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