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Hey guys.

As of today, I bought my second Audi. I used to have a 1988 Audi 90, and 
it served me well. 
Since I liked it so much, I bought a 1984 Audi 5000S. No, its not a 
Quattro, but it DOES have it share of problems. I'd appreciate input to 
any and/or all of these problems. I intend to fix them all myself, except 
the the CV joints and wheel bearings.

* No power works on the front passenger seat, except for the seat warmer.
* Rear passenger door/window don't work. It wont open from the outside.
* Climate Control is stuck on. I cant shut the heat off.
* Dead cruise control
* Exhaust manifold gasket
* Leaky coolant container
* HARD TO START WHEN COLD! It keeps stalling until its warm.
* The driver's side of the front bumper side is out. How bad is it to get 
the front bumper cover off? I can't pop it back sideways, so I have to 
take the bumper cover off, and slide it back into position properly.

Gee, what a great car eh? (smirk) It has 170,000 KMs on it. I got it for 
$2600 Canadian, and interior is mint! The exterior's seen better days. 

The big expense I'm betting is the CV joints and bearings. Before I 
realized the CV's were fucked, the dealer told me the bearings would cost 
$600 Canadian for both front ones. I'm probably looking at a $1500 repair 
bill for the whole thing. UGH!
Anyways, although the cars' in need of work, I still like it. Its German!