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Rear shocks: 4kq

Greetings Q'bies,

  I suspect that my '87 4kcsq with 131,000 miles is due for some new shocks. The back 
end is breaking loose pretty noticeably during hard driving. I am waiting for the time 
when it lifts itself and swings around to meet me. In addition, the old "bounce" test, 
though not scientific, shows a lot of movement compared to days gone by.


1) Anyway for me to know for sure on this before buying the parts to replace.
2) Suggestions on brand and models to replace with
3) What about the coil springs/rubber bushings, should I be replacing them as well at this 
4) The procedure seems pretty straight forward, but will be my first time on the Q. Any 
advice. Any special tools required?

Thanks all for eyeballing this one and TIA for the help.

Mark Werner (rev)                     '87 4kcsq (130,000+)
phone/fax #635-8974                 Alexis (6); Erin (4)                                             
"yeah, we can just add a heap of reverb in the mix. Ya' think?"