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Let the club stuff rest

Greetings fellow Qbies,

  I am thinking that we have probably read a gazillion times now the same basic message 
about how QCUSA is screwed up, etc., etc.
  I appreciate that there are members of this club who are disappointed at how things are 
going, I can understand the frustration. But it seems like my mail folder is always half 
filled with bitches about the club. Could people please consider taking this string to a 
direct person-to-person email banter so that the list can get back to its purpose: praising 
and fixing our little darlings?

my .01
Mark Werner (rev)                     '87 4kcsq (130,000+)
phone/fax #635-8974                 Alexis (6); Erin (4)                                             
"yeah, we can just add a heap of reverb in the mix. Ya' think?"