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Re: Let the club stuff rest

>  I am thinking that we have probably read a gazillion times now the same 
>basic message 
>about how QCUSA is screwed up, etc., etc.
>  I appreciate that there are members of this club who are disappointed at 
>how things are 
>going, I can understand the frustration. But it seems like my mail folder 
>is always half 
>filled with bitches about the club. Could people please consider taking 
>this string to a 
>direct person-to-person email banter so that the list can get back to its 
>purpose: praising 
>and fixing our little darlings?

When we get a answer this topic goes away.....  Not before... Karen 
Chadwick and the Q-Club USA appear to be trying to play some sort of 
waiting game, Beliving that if they don't answer promptly then it will go 
away.....  Well, It won't go away....

To put it bluntly...

I want Answer's NOW...........

What is it Karen.... We are waiting.... The longer we wait the worse that 
it looks for the Q-Club USA


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO