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Q's and clubs

Hi Guys,

I hope this wasn't a mistake but my girlfriend just got, after spending time in
my 5ktq a Q of her own.  A really clean 65K mile one owner '88 5kq.  No turbo
but not nearly the stone I thought it would be.  She's a good person who doesn't
deserve the wrath of the gods for a long time.  Wishfull thinking right?

Now after driving hers there must be something loose in the frontend of mine.
Maybe not loose but something not as tight as her car.  Hers just feels more 'um
cohesive.  Yeah thats it.  I have to look at mine I guess.

As for clubs, after I got 40 Merkur owners together last year at Lime Rock our
group was all abuzz with "lets get a club". There had been a club once, it died.
Then another guy collected money to start a club.  Didn't happen.  Money went

We also collectivly decided not to start a club.  To many cooks, opinions etc.

I did join the QCUSA.  Haven't done anything with it yet.  Hope to though.

And for those who care, the part # for a concave mirror for the pass side in a
5k so you can see down that side of the car is 443-857-536-L