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A8 is in CT

The A8s are here as well,

Hit the dealer today for a small donantion and they had a black 3.6 A8 in the
showroom.  They also have a 4.2 quattro but it was out on the road.

Beautiful car.  Looks alot like an A4 though I guess the A8 came first.
Whatever we'll all see more A4s the A8s on the road anyway.  Same style wheels
as an A4 but in 17".  Super loaded equipment wise.  Even the seatbelt height
adjusters are power.

The sales guy said when I asked about body repair that Audi will setup special
repair places and would pay to send the car to that place for body work.  Well
Ok I guess.  

Anyway if you want to see an A8 check with your dealers.  These will be at
Continental Motors in Fairfield CT for two weeks then move on.  To Greenwich
Maybe or who knows.  They didn't know when they were going to get them so who