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Re: Intermittant speedometer


BTDT.  I have your solution.  It wass a real pain in the *ss for me before I
figured it out.

The symptoms:
1.      oscillating speed indication up and down up and down beainr very
little relationship to actual speed.
2.      period of oscillation is speed dependent.   The faster you go the
faster the oscillation and the smaller the difference between the high and
low readings.
3.      your odometer is not working proerly either.  It is either not
turning over or is truning over at perhaps 1/4 to 1/8 the rate it should be.


I fought this problem for over a year before I finally found and fixed it in
my poor departed '89 200TQ.

The problem is a poor connection between the speedometer and the pc board it
connects to.  The speedo head has four stiff wire leads extending through
two pair of friction connectors in the pc board.  I eventually had to remove
these four pins and then soldered in a set of leads from a RJ-11 phone jack
from Radio Shack.  The corresponding colors of a mating RJ-11 plug were
soldered into the proper place on the pc board.  The leads were then
threaded out to the back side of the instrument cluster so that they could
be disconnected if I ever needed to get into the IC again.

The dangling RJ-11 connector is taped to the back of the IC.  Strain relief
is a concern.  Fasten everything down pretty well.

If you need help with IC removal/replacement, lemme know.

At 04:31 PM 5/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>For the past couple of weeks, my speedometer doesn't work sometimes.  When 
>it is "flaking out," the indicated speed fluctuates between 5 and 30 mph, no 
>matter what speed I'm actually driving.
>So far, when it doesn*t work right, it happens when I first start driving. 
> It won*t start acting flaky while driving.  Once, at the beginning of a 
>2-hour trip, it starting acting flaky for the first twenty minutes.  After 
>that, it worked fine for the rest of the trip.
>Adding to my frustration is that happens so randomly.  I can drive the car a 
>seven times in a day, and it might happen once.  The next day, it will 
>happen 3 times out of 5.
>Any advice?
> --Jeff
>'90 100
>Dayton, OH

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