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Re: Buy Dan a New Motor Fund

I'm in for $10, also, Paul.  

Great idea!    Lemme know who to send it to.

(And thanks, Dan.)

At 09:34 PM 5/6/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Annnouncing the "BUY DAN A NEW MOTOR FUND"
>I think as a payback for all of Dan's work
>we should all pitch in ten bucks and buy
>dan a new motor.  I will voluteer the first
>ten.  I think it would be bad form to for me
>to "hold the bag" so I am looking for a volunteer
>who we can all trust.  Nominations? Yes,
>I AM serious.  Good job Dan, too bad about he car.
>paul timmerman
>socal qcusa pres
>pasadena ca
>82 UrQ
>84 Coupe GT
   Bob    Still looking for a nice Pearl White 200TQ...
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