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Fan Motor; intermittent squeal

Thanks in advance for any suggestions re these 2 items on my '91 100q
w/54K and no real problems before:
1.  Fan motor burned out this week and was replaced by repair place I
have used for few years as specialists in German autos.  New fan motor
obtained from dealer and installed.  As I pick up the car, shop owner says
"Boy, is that a loud fan."  Didn't think anything of it, but it came on while
driving home and "loud" isn't the right work.  This is a huge noise that
intrudes into the car with windows closed and radio on; outside it makes
people's heads turn.  Previous fan was no noiser than any others I've had. 
So any ideas?  Just a bad fan/motor?  Bad installation?
2.  Am also just recently hearing an intermittent squealing noice that sounds
like a belt but seems to happen every so often when I let the clutch out
and/or while turning.  But I'm still listenting and trying to track it since it
certainly does not happen every time I do any of these things.  I've never
had a clutch wear out in other cars for up to 80K but this is my first Audi, so
might it be that?
Thanks in advance for any help.
Bob Johnson