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4000CS-quattro vs. The Gas Pump


I have a 1986 4kQ with about 147k-miles 9k I've put on since last Aug.  For the past 6k miles the car has been running ruff at idal put new BOSCH Platums in seems better??  But the two big problems I've had are 1)Between 2-3000 RPM the car seems slugish once it hits 3100RPM its like a bat out of hell, but it also gets about 18MPG-city 21highway?? 2)This was my first winter with a Q (Have had 5k diesels, Jetta TD, VW scricco 8-valve) in snow inch or more the rear-end almost always would want to get a head of the front when under load such as down-shifting on a hill with snow (it has Brand New Perriles P-600's).  If I switched on the center diff (mode one) it would help quite a bit but my dealer says That should not be used ???  In mode2 all locked its like a tank!!  Can that dail in the center console be used and when and is it normal for a AWD to handle that way??  All I've driven is front wheel drives?  Any e-mail would help!

Thank You

PS- my AC unit has a leak in the Condesor any leads and how much ??