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Re: FYI: 5KCSTQ Exhaust system

I think Milt is onto something.  Last year I had to replace a perforated
exhaust manifold on my '875KCSTQ.  The exact part was hard to find and too
$$$.  The new 2 piece manifold was also too $$$. I found a good straight
used part that fit right but
the throat was slightly different.  It went on and works fine, but now I
have to carefully feather the throttle because I run to 1.5 boost without
even trying.  The fuel pump shut off at that point makes for a jerky ride.
Of course, I continue to agonize over whether to ground the shutoff circuit
and see how much boost I really have.

PS - Charlie, how's the adjustable cutoff circuit coming?

>I've been asking around about an upgrade to the exhaust system for my 5KCSTQ
>and just spoke to Milt at Europart.  He advised me to stay with stock because
>things get pretty touchy when the backpressure is altered.  Just thought I'd
>pass this along.  Maybe it's common knowledge on the qlist. If not, and if
>there is a different opinion out there, I'd be interested to hear it.
>In any case, I appreciate Milt's honesty and will definitely include Europart
>in any parts searching I do in the future.
>Ed Kellock
>Lansing, IA
>87 5KCSTQ
>87 CGT 2.3