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Re: 1.5bar Exh Man?


I need a professional to check these out, it is beyond my DIY capabilities.
Unfortunately, it was a professional that did the fix in the first place.
This was just another of the "it didn't do that when I brought it in"
repairs.  Currently looking for a new mechanic.

Thanks for the tips.  I will certainly pass them on to the lucky winner of
my biz (and my donations to the Audi Gods).

Will post results when available.


>Did anything come of the exhaust manifold that creates 1.5 bar?  I saw
>a couple of posts, but no apparent resolution.
>I'm thinking that the excessive boost (is that possible? :) is actually 
>caused by some malfunction of the wastegate.  Are you sure that you 
>plumbed the manifold pressure line that controls the wastegate correctly?  
>Is the wastegate compatible with the new manifold?  Was the corrugated 
>tube that bypasses the turbo damaged or otherwise restricted?
>As long as the ECU is still there to protect the engine it is not too
>likely to become much more than an annoyance, but you probably should 
>look into the situation to make sure that everything is working properly.
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)