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Price, 90 Quattro -1988

 vjokic@iaw.on.ca (V. Jokic - Push) asks:
 VJ-P> I am a new member on the list. Considering to buy an  Audi 90 Q
 VJ-P> (1988). Could someone tell me what is a fair market value of this
 VJ-P> vehicle? It has about 85 k on the clock and seems to be in very good
 VJ-P> condition. All options, including ABS. The Seller is asking $5,000.

      That's an excellent price if the mileage is real. 

1988 90 Series 4D Sedan Quattro Wholesale Prices:

Model    Loan Value     Clean    Average    Rough

H*089     $5590         $7065     $5770     $4465


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