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Price, 90 Quattro -1988

>I thinks that's a very good price if the condition is good. Do a pre-purchase
>inspection at a good dealer or shop that you trust. Check the service 
>record to see if the owner maintain it regularly. The 90/80 is alot 
>problematic than the 5000/100/200 series. I used to own an 85' 5000s for 
>5 years and cost more than an arm to maintain. My mechanic who bought the 
>car from me told me the 80/90 series are alot more reliable. Their shop 
>specialize in Audi/VW. Most of the car I've seen in the shop are 
>5000/100/200 series cars.
>I copied the following from the Edmunds used car guide somehow they don't 
>have the price for the quattro 90 sedan price, same for 89. But you 
>figure it probably worth another $500-1000 more for a quattro. The 
>mileage is below average for your car if you thing 12,000 miles a year is 
>average. This is in US dollars and prices in US. Are you talking about 
>85km and $5000 Canadian? I don't know what the demand is like in Canada. 
>I think it is a good deal since if you are talking 85,000kn that's only 
>just over 53,000 miles! 

>Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
>92' 100 V6

Thanks to all of you for usefull information re buying an 88 90 Q.
I made a confusion with miles and dollars since I live in Canada but I
mileage from 139,000 km to aprox 85,000 miles and actual price is $6,400
what makes about $4700 US, with tax around $5,000 US. The car is sold by a
who purchsed the car from its first owner. He did some work on the front end
and he is truying to sell it again. Audi is not a very popular car in
Canada. There is
two categories of people who drive this car. New Audis are driven by
wealthier people, 
while old ones are owned mostly by European immigrants (I am one of them).
Dealer prices
in Canada seem to be similar to those in US. Example: 87 4000S (not a
quattro) with 130k km
in goood shape with even some 6 month warranty is priced $4900 Canadian
(about $3,600 US).  

I would be grateful for any other coments.

Thank you.


The Push