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[Fwd: A8 3.7 FWD Test Drive]

Well folks, Rusnak loaned me a silver leaping car yesterday.
The 4.2 was out so the 3.7 would suffice untl Wednesday's meeting.
Feels so tight, so spacious, so solid. Steering so much improved over my 
V8. Suspension while just a little soft for my taste transmitted none of 
the road shock that the old V8 chassis and old 200's would feel.
Power was very good, the drivability over my 3.6 was night and day.
Electric rear seat controls (headrest and lumbar).
Interior gets over perfect raves! When i was speaking with my wife that 
this Audi was a better concept and balance than the Mercedes S-Class (too 
heavy too thirsty and too big), the Mercedes sales guy at Rusnak almost 
had a seizure while trying to verbally throttle me. Oops, struck a raw 

That's all for now! I want one. Better deal than a Mooney! Almost as much 
fun as a T-28! (OK, I know, that was stretching it).
Paul Rivera

By the way it was true about Judge Ito.