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Re: A8 3.7 FWD Test Drive

This car is terrific. It has a 5 Speed Transmission (Auto) with the 
tiptronic and it is really sweet!
Very smooth shifting, ready for any gear, and with the tip it can be a 
manual anytime you want.

If you do not need quattro, the FWD is enough.

Delivery is this Fall. On an order basis only. Absolute red carpet 
service. Audi has promised (so the DSM says) to pickup and deliver your 
car back anytime it requires service (flatbed tow and covered).
Body work (collision repair) will be performed by regional shops equipped 
with all the right tools. 

I am sold on the concept, and I am convinced on the car. It is better 
than the an S-Class in many ways, especially 20-30K less money.

Call Jack Weir at Rusnak at 818.449.0770 for all the scoop. If you speak 
Arabic, call Faris Hamadi at the same number.

I wholeheartedly advise anyone to purchase an A8 if they can afford it.

Paul Rivera