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RE: Men/Women drivers

Peter H writes:
> Could you tell the rest of us how you got her to be like that? My wife
> doesn't do things like that...

... as I'm sure all are aware ... there are aggressive female drivers 
and passive male drivers.  My experience would indicate that in general
the distributions are skewed with the males tending to be more "perform-
ance hungry."  

I consider myself fortunate that my wife is a competent driver and appre-
ciates having cars that can get out of their own way!  I'm sure that if 
she had her druthers she would like to have that S6 Wagon we saw at the 
dealer, but she said that she actually prefers the line of our older 
Avant.  I'm also glad that she doesn't mind the fact that I like to ride
motorcycles as well.

... I just hope that she doesn't change her tune too much when the kid 
shows up!  :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)