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Euro headlight hi beam confusion


On my last trip to Germany, I picked up a set of Euro headlights
for my Coupe Q.  Before installing the headlights, I upgraded the
stock headlights with relays (1 high/1 low beam for each headlight).
The relay upgrade alone made the stock lighting much more acceptable.

To make the most of the Euro lights, I purchased the 55/100 H4s.

Low beam is great, bright white light with a nice cutoff.  

Now to my problem:

At the high beam position, the beam pattern doesn't change! I end up
with 200 watts in the low beam pattern.

I looked at my Bosch Automotive handbook, and although the Europeans
and Americans have different headlight rules and implementations, 
the high beam pattern should still be a higher wattage, "higher" 
(as in height) beam.

What am I missing here???  The bulbs are keyed, and can only be inserted
into the headlights in one way.  

No, the headlights aren't upside down  :-)


Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro (with confused headlights)