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h4 pin polarity

E. Clarke Paynter

>From memory I think all tabs move to the left, don't know power  
>     sources or polarity but maybe this will help;
>                B-wire                         A-wire
>                 ____                           ____
>                / __ \                         / __ \
>               |      |                       |      |
>        A-Wire ||Plug|| C-wire         C-Wire ||Plug|| B-wire
>               |______|                       |______|
>     If this makes sense great, if you want me to check my H4's.  I use 
>    relays for highs and lows as you have indicated. So if your 55/100's 
>    are H4's all should be same and I can check.

Since I used 12 gauge wire and spade connectors, I couldn't go by the
"pigtail" polarity...

Does anyone know what the polaritie of the pins for an H4 bulb are???
Or for that matter, polarities for the pigtails???


Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro