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RE: Safety seminars/ A of am

Karen, your credibility is rapidly diminishing. I have a suggestion on
how to recover it. I made a suggestion on facts you could share with us
that would at least be a start to making us more comfortable with your
openness and honesty. Here is what I posted earlier:

---Begin earlier post---
Let's define "clean", so they have something to shoot for. I would
recommend a full financial disclosure, like maybe their form 990,
disclosure of the finances for the track events, disclosure of the
finances for the newsletter, disclosure of who the officers and board
are, and brief bios on each, and when the elections were and results.
---End earlier post---

I would add to this list details about exactly what expenses are paid for by QC on behalf of QC officers & members for memship fees,  event entry fees, travel, food, lodging, etc., for events and on a per-event and per-person basis.