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This issue is closed!

> The board will be meeting may 20th to discuss member concerns and issues.
>  Any information regarding club matters, financial or otherwise, will be
> directed to club members through the newsletter or individual mailings.   

3)  You have absolutely no reason to care whether anyone who is NOT a 
member ever joins - since you just BLEW OFF everyone on this list, 
telling them THEY DON'T COUNT.  If they did, you would communicate 
with them.

Clean up your act.  This is a rotten attitude.

Agreed, but seriously, there are *ONLY* like >800 potential new members here on the list......just a drop in the bucket.....that's a measly $28,800 USD.....in *one year's* worth of memship dues..... and an instant 20% increase in memship....BFD!   Oh, here's the answer I got to my inquiries:

>I did some research and spoke to some officers of various clubs, porsche,
>etc.  Theysaid they do not publish any of the information thats been
>requested .  Period.  theonly item that is published is a financial statement
>at year end. That's all.  They said no one looks at their budgets for any
>events, newspaper, whatever.  One statementat year end, and that's not even
>detailed.  This issue  is closed.


Since other clubs don't disclose this type of information that makes it right. (what about SCCA though?) QC has no problems and therefore we all can with total and complete confidence conclude that there are positively no issues with credibility and/or financial disclosure whatsoever. Cool logic - I got it! All is well, no worries mate, please stick your collective heads back into the net.sand. Phew! I'm glad we resolved that one to the satisfaction of all - I know I feel better now! Where do I send that QC app?