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Trans(xxx) Whine

> From: roner@novagate.com

> My 1990 90 (non-Q) first started making a whining noise from the drive 
> train at about 80,000 miles
> The first mechanic I had check it out said that the whine was coming 
> from the transaxle, was probably a bearing, recommended putting in a 
> rebuilt tranny, 

WHY?  If the problem's in the transaxle, replacing the tranny does 
not fix it.   They're separate assemblies.

>  I had another mechanic check it 
> out who said that the whine was coming from the transaxle, was probably 
> a bearing, recommended going with a used tranny from the boneyard, and 
> quoted me a price of $$$$1,100$$$$ to $$$$1,200$$$$, PLUS labor (again, 

Again, WHY a tranny?  That's NOT what you need.  Are you possibly 
confusing the two units in this post?  If so, are you clear on the 
distinction between this?  This is really important!  The prices you quote 
are a bit high for a transaxle - and IMO, much too high for a tranny.

>  I then 
> talked to a mechanic at a tranny shop that specializes in euro-imports 
> and was told that maybe, just maybe, they could tear it apart, replace 
> the offending bearing (or bearingS), put it back together, and keep the 
> total cost under a grand or maybe, just maybe, even less.  But then, one 
> never knows until one tears it all apart, does one?

No, but a pretty safe bet if it's the tranny.  If it's the transaxle, 
probably more than $1K.  Again, which you need is not clear.  
If you're mechanical, ask the list if you can do this yourself.  I 
haven't personally done one on an Audi so I can't comment.

> 1. Has anybody out there been here, done this?  If so, what route did 
> you take and what were the results?

Full disclosure: I have never taken out an Audi tranny or transaxle.  
I have rebuilt Ford and Datsun manual transmissions with no  
problems.  This *inclines me* (note qualifiers)  to think that if it's 
the tranny, you might be able to do it yourself.  If it's the 
transaxle, maybe not.

> 2. Do you think it's worth fixing this car? I was told that sometimes 
> they'll keep going forever like this if you can live with the whining 
> (just crankup the old stereo). (I've already ruled out going with the 
> used tranny.)

Why have you ruled out the used tranny...IF an tranny is what you 
need, which is NOT the case based on your original post.  Get one 
from a reputable boneyard and it's warranted.    If I were in this 
position, I would either get a used tran(xxx) [-axle or -mission] and 
install it.

My vote: YES.  This is a 1990, after all - in Audi terms, It's just 
well broken in.  The car should be worth many times the repair cost.
$1000 in expenses (which should cover a used TRANNY or
TRANSAXLE and installation) is well justified.  Do the clutch 
(presure plate, disc, throwout bearing and pilot bushing, if any) 
while you're at it.

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