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Re: questions

> Your not winning any friends with these tactics..... Anyway it's a moot 
> point BY LAW, ANYONE Can ask to see the books, and provide them you 
> must.....

It's not yet clear to me that the "books" themselves are open to examination
by law but an annual report based on them MUST be prepared and available for
inspection.  In other words, I don't know that we can force QCUSA to give us
a P&L for *each* event they host but I can't imagine why they wouldn't do so
voluntarily ... the local chapter of the BMW CCA would *love* people to look
at their books, if only because they'd have to actually show up a meeting in
order to do so!

By the way, I've been digging through the IRM further and it appears they've
also got to disclose the compensation paid to Officers and Directors as well
as any transfers made to related entities ... digging through the tax code's
slow going at times but if I can help apply pressure to QCUSA come to clean,
then I'll grudgingly keep at it!  ;^)

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