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Re: questions

>The board will be meeting may 20th to discuss member concerns and issues.
> Any information regarding club matters, financial or otherwise, will be
>directed to club members through the newsletter or individual mailings.   

Oh that's good once again try to keep everthing quiet....  What about 
those members who don't get their newletters..... To top it off do you 
REALLY think that the info will not make it onto the Q-List?  I can 
assure you that it's only going to take 10min. from the recipt of the 
letter to it's publication on the Q-list..... That has been said by MANY 
QCUSA folks that are on the Q-Net....

Your not winning any friends with these tactics..... Anyway it's a moot 
point BY LAW, ANYONE Can ask to see the books, and provide them you 


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO