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RE: Safety seminars/ A of am

>Karen, your credibility is rapidly diminishing. I have a suggestion on
>how to recover it. I made a suggestion on facts you could share with us
>that would at least be a start to making us more comfortable with your
>openness and honesty. Here is what I posted earlier:
>---Begin earlier post---
>Let's define "clean", so they have something to shoot for. I would
>recommend a full financial disclosure, like maybe their form 990,
>disclosure of the finances for the track events, disclosure of the
>finances for the newsletter, disclosure of who the officers and board
>are, and brief bios on each, and when the elections were and results.
>---End earlier post---
>I would add to this list details about exactly what expenses are paid for 
>by QC on behalf of QC officers & members for memship fees,  event entry 
>fees, travel, food, lodging, etc., for events and on a per-event and 
>per-person basis.

BINGO!  These are the answers that we want.... And that we are entiltied 
to by law.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO