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Re: New Passat

Peter Henriksen writes:
> Ti Kan writes:
> >Peter Henriksen writes:
> >> Just saw in the new Automobile magazine that the '97 (according to them
> >> - they only had an artist's rendering) Passat will have a longtitudinal
> >> engine with ***quattro*** available! Yes, not synchro - quattro.
> >> 
> >> What was that thread about VW and Audi platforms getting mighty
> >> intimate?
> >
> >Well this is nothing new... The previous generation Passat (which we
> >know
> >as the Quantum in the U.S.) was based on the Audi 4000 platform, and
> >the Quantum Syncro was really a 4000 quattro underneath.  Deja vu.
> I had no idea - what's the difference(s) between Syncro and quattro
> anyway?

In the case of the Quantum, there is no difference: the Quantum Syncro
is identical to the 4000 quattro (drivetrain-wise).  On other VW models
that were offered with Syncro (Golf, Vanagon), the all-wheel drive
system is different.  They use a viscous-coupled center differential
that transfers torque to the rear wheels only under slippage conditions.

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