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Re: Quantum/4k

Jeremy R King writes:
> Incidentally.  Not only is the Quantum Syncro mechanically identical to
> the 4kcsq, the Quantum GL (4cyl) is identical to the 4ks.  Showing my
> ignorance, wasn't there a non-q 4k with an I5 that would be identical to
> my GL5?  I'm pretty sure there was, but wouldn't want to wrecklessly 
> spray misinformation all over the q-list.  Wasn't this the 4kcs?

There were some 5-cylinder 4000s around from 1980-1981 (either
the 4000 5+5 or some 4000 automatics).  All later U.S. 4000s were
4-cylinder, except quattros and coupes, which were 5-cylinder.
The 4000CS was a special commemorative special edition 4000 from
1986-87, but they were 4-cylinder.

The Quantum front-drive sedans were a close relative to the 4000,
and virtually identical to the 4000 under the hood as well as
the front suspension; but the Quantum has a different rear suspension
from the 4000.  The Quantum Syncro, on the other hand, is identical
in the rear suspension to the 4000 quattro.

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