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BTCC Whacks Audi

Well, it had to happen. Audi is just too successful.
BTCC has just hit the A4s with an extra weight penalty.
And that was before they heard about Steve Verona's performance :-)


WITH effect from Monday (May 20) minimum weight limits in the 
Auto Trader RAC Touring Car Championship are to be revised. 
Four-wheel-drive cars will be required to carry an extra 30kg, it was 
announced today (Weds) by championship organizer TOCA Ltd.
Announcing the decision, TOCA Chief Executive Alan Gow said: 'As 
with any major motor sport championship, the best car/driver 
combination is entitled to -- and should -- win. It is not the intention 
of TOCA to artificially create differing race winners, but merely to 
keep the performance differential between the competitors as narrow 
and as equitable as possible, thereby ensuring close and exciting 
racing while still allowing the natural order of success to be achieved 
by the competitors. The role of TOCA is to ensure that the best possible
racing is 
produced, while not unduly penalising those entrants who have 
developed the most competitive equipment under the current FIA 
Super Touring technical regulations.'
The move has been made following Audi's four wins from the first 
six rounds of the 1996 championship, and as a result of receiving 
proposals and recommendations from members of the TOCA 
Technical Committee. There are no immediate weight revisions for 
front-drive or rear-wheel-drive cars, but TOCA has reserved the right 
to add additional weight to any type of car contesting the 
championship, at any time during the balance of the season.
'The ''stepped'' introduction of any additional weight is seen as the 
most responsible way of introducing it,' said Gow, 'based on the 
relative performances of the cars during the course of the season and 
after taking into consideration the impact on safety integrity.
'It is accepted that the performance and reliability of some front-
wheel-drive cars so far this season may have tended to mask the true 
competitiveness of the front-drive format. However, it is also 
appreciated that those cars form the majority of the field and that the 
best interests of both the championship and those competitors will be 
served by the narrowing of the perceived performance differential, at 
least in the short term, through the introduction of this weight

Four-wheel drive: From May 20, additional 30kg = 1070kg
An additional 30kg may be added at any time before the end of the 
season if deemed necessary
Rear-wheel drive: From May 20, no change = 1000kg
An additional 25kg may be added at any time before the end of the 
season if deemed necessary
Front-wheel drive: From May 20, no change = 975kg
An additional 25kg may be added at any time before the end of the 
season if deemed necessary

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