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> Anyway, I totally agree with the praise of the A4Q, and also this sunroof
> problem. Because the car is so quite, the wind buffeting is really annoying,
> and my other car is a Miata!
> Sticking you hand out of the sunroof will break the flow and quite it down.
> But can't do that and drive <g>. Maybe there is an after market flap that will
> solve this problem.
> >
> >2.  With the sunroof open (slid back) and the windows closed, I get a lot of
> >wind buffeting in the car at about 30-35 mph.  My guess is that this is a
> >basic design flaw in the way the air moves around, but wanted to see if
> >others experienced this.
> >

Similar problem on my S6 wagon.
I find that if I close the sunroof just a couple of notches that the
resonance/buffeting is greatly reduced.

I never really noticed a problem like this in my 1991 CoupeQ.
Maybe the sunroofs are longer on the new models?

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