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Re: Gotta be A4 victory posters

> It would be interesting to find out if Audi is producing any "victory"
> posters regarding european successes. Someone on the list recently arranged
> Euro-Calendars from HQ. Perhaps all we need do is ask?
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Funny you should mention this.

Just a couple of days ago I received in the mail an offering from
The Creative Showcase (New York).

Nice glossy brochure titled "Audi Sport... Lords of the Rings".
They are selling a limited edition (300), 22" x 26" lithograph by
Dennis Brown showing various racing Audis. Large and in the
centre is Biela's A4. Surronding the A4 are colour sketches of ten
other race/rally Audis. At the bottom are the Audi Rings (7"" long)
and under the rings the quattro logo (5"" long). Each lithograph is
signed by Frank Biela, Hans Stuck, Walter Rohrl, Hurley Haywood
and Jo Hoppen.
Available unframed or framed. On the framed ones the Audi rings and
quattro logo are actual chrome car badges.

This looks reeaalllly nice!!
BUT - unframed cost is $220 and framed cost is $390 !!!!!!

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