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The Most Profound Question (LOW END!!!)

After speaking with Eric (and giving up on the search for a California 
S6), my brain says:

1. I will buy a 200TQW and modify it (need the space for skis, surfboard, 
dog, etc.)
2. I will keep the 80Q and modify it, too.
3. I will buy the 1.8 A4QT when it comes out this fall.

I know exactly what I can do, and how to do it.
What I would like to do is find out HOW THE HELL CAN I INCREASE LOW END 

All of the basics (suspension, exhaust, K+N, ECU, tires/wheels, brakes, 
TB (I5 maybe?) and cylinder head/intake) will be done, but what is the 
Holy Grail?  My low end (80Q) is truly pathetic, and I am very tired of 
getting smoked by chumpmobiles, as every stoplight in LA turns you into 
Big Daddy Don Garlits.



The Judge
90 80Q (Terror of Los Angeles)
86 VW  Scirocco 16V Wolfsburg
85 5KCS  (not missed at all)