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Re: The Most Profound Question (LOW END!!!)

   I know exactly what I can do, and how to do it.
   What I would like to do is find out HOW THE HELL CAN I INCREASE LOW END 

   All of the basics (suspension, exhaust, K+N, ECU, tires/wheels, brakes, 
   TB (I5 maybe?) and cylinder head/intake) will be done, but what is the 
   Holy Grail?  My low end (80Q) is truly pathetic, and I am very tired of 
   getting smoked by chumpmobiles, as every stoplight in LA turns you into 
   Big Daddy Don Garlits.


Well, for sheer raw UMMMPH, it's hard to beat a JATO unit. They do have
their drawbacks, though. For example, I doubt they would pass emissions
testing (especially in CA).