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Re: Safe boost

... WRT the lack of overboost shutdown feature.  When this issue came up
previously, I seem to recall that you noted that pressure switches are 
available.  A N.C. (normally closed) pressure switch could be plumbed 
into the intake at some point and used to shut off the fuel pump on 
user calibrated overboost.  When combined with the resistor/zener mod 
it seems to me that this would provide some insurance against the dreaded
WG diaphragm failure.  I should still have a copy of the post in my own
archives, but it should also be available through the q-list web page if
anyone is interested.  

BTW - this problem could be caused by a problem with the line that 
supplies pressure to open the WG as easily as a failure of the diaphragm
itself ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)