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Re: VDO Gauge Sender #?

> Anyone out there know the P/N for the VDO electrical sender which screws into
> the side of the block on an MC engine.  I have the 150 psi gauge and a dead
> sender which was from a Coupe GT.  The local parts house tells me there are
> three possible senders in the metric size I need.  Will any one work?
Does the sending unit have any numbers stamped on it at all.  It was YEARS
ago when I added the gauges to my urQ, and I got all gauges and senders 
from VDO directly.  It seems to me that even the Audi parts have pressure
values stamped on them.  I seem to recall that the VDO place had a cross 
reference book in which you could look up the Audi part number.  I guess 
if none of those alternatives work you could always compare the price 
difference between the sender from Audi vs. a gauge and sender from VDO.

... or you might be able to work up some sort of calibration network with 
resistors (and zeners ? ;-) to make the gauge read correctly.  God, I hope
I haven't started another thread ...    <VBG>

... or you can scour the wrecking yards for another Audi sending unit ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)