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urQ: 2-piece EM question

Well, I had a 2-piece exh man in my hands today ... unfortunately it
wasn't mine.  :(  In any case the person who bought the kit was wonder-
ing about a bracket that was included with the kit (P/N 035 145 880),
which he thought was related to the power steering in some way.  Has 
anyone who has done the upgrade experienced this?  If so, where does 
the bracket go?

Steve Buchholz

P.S. - In case anyone is interested, the parts included in the kit are:

	034 129 591 AC	MANIFOLD
	034 129 592	MANIFOLD
	034 129 903	PIPE
	034 129 933	CLAMP
	034 129 995	PIPE
	034 145 880	BRACKET

BTW - The quantities were not listed, but there are two clamps, and two
each of one of the hoses that was listed.