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RE: V8Q questions


From: Vikram Kumar <vikram@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 13:26:06 -0400
Subject: V8Q: Questions

Here a two minor problems I've noticed:
1) Every once in a while when I start the car all drive position letters =
on the dash light up (i.e.: P, R, D, 3, 2, 1). They don't go off leaving =
the correct letter lit. If I turn to ignition off and turn ot back on, =
it resets.

	No Idea.

2)When I start the car, the display shows that the gear is in Reverse, =
even though it is in Park. If I move the shifter to Reverse and back to =
Park and then turn the ignition on, everything's OK. This has happened =
twice so far.=20

	Sorry Again.

3)SuperChips, Inc (www.superchips.com) makes upgrade chips for several =
models in the Audi line. They make two different chips for the V8 based =
on the computer' s serial number. Has anyone added a SuperChip to their =
V8Q ? Are they reliable ? The company is based in Longwood, Florida.

	Not yet, but planning on it as soon as I Iron out the surging on my

4)Due to the uneven surging that seems to plague the V8's I've decided =
to replace the O2 sensor. Does anyone have a good description of how it =
should be replaced ?

================= REPLY ============================

	Yup, put the front of the car on jack stands as high as possible,
	taking the driver side wheel off is optional, I didn't

	Look into the wheel well thru the steering rack access hole.  There are
	3 wires, 1 is by itself (black sensor wire)  The other 2 are grey and
	a connector with one of the metal locks on it.  I managed to reach in and
	pull the sensor wire off, then depress the metal lock and pull the other 
	connector off.
	Get under the car by slding in from the front head first.  The O2 
	sensor is located just behind the front wheels where the 2 exhaust
	pipes meet.

	You'll need somthing to pry the clips apart that the wire is in, I used a

	screwdriver....pull the wires out ....  The O2 sensor is big metric size
	not sure exactly what size though...:-(  I happened to have an old
	tool kit that had a huge metric wrench in it that fit.  Lets just say
it's bigger
	than the 19mm socket I had....

	Take it off....  Be carefull when handling the new one,  the probe is
very sensitive
	don't let anything touch the end of the probe when you put in. :-)

	Assemble in reverse :-)

	While your playing around with it I recommend you pull the air cleaner
	off as well.  I found lots of leaves and sticks and other miscleaneaous
stuff in
	there when I took mine off .

	Have Fun :-)


	P.S. I have some instructions that Eliot Lim faxed to me, I can fax them
to you
	         if you like, e-mail me your fax number.

	Mike L.
	90 V8
	89 100 Avant
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