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Compomotive wheels...

In the latest issue of VW/Audi car, there's a feature article on a Golf GTi
from Sweden.  I don't think I'd want to drive it on the street but it looks
sharp, especially since it has the same 8x17 Compomotive MO wheels that I'm
installing on my '89 200q!  I mention this only because I received a number
of inquiries about them the last time I mentioned them here and didn't have
any way of sending photos to those who expressed interest.  BTW, I have two
wheels for sale if anyone's interested ... I decided to order two more with
a bit more offset for the rear so they will fit under the fenders without a
lot of lip-rolling and, if I'm lucky, perhaps none at all using a 215/45-17
BFG Comp T/A.  That said, I'm thinking about switching to a 225/45-17 since
it looks like Discount Tire will (grudgingly) agree to let me swap them and
I figure this car is heavy enough it needs all the tire it can get ... does
anyone have any experience with this size tire on this car?

BTW, I recently saw a Burgundy V8 with 18" wheels (!) in the parking lot of
the local Neiman-Marcus store ... it looked *very* sharp indeed.  Here I am
with 5 8x17 wheels sitting in a box in my backyard, 3 more on the way and I
start thinking how neat it would be go with 8x18s instead.  Is there a cure
for this disease?!?! 

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