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'90 V8 and other things

1.  Was gone for a few days (did you miss me?  did anyone know I was 
gone) to Louisville on University business.  Got home last night to 
almost 400 messages.  Not all from the q group but most were.  Busy 
folks!  :)

2.  On the way home I stopped to pick up the 87 4kq.  Left it at the 
mechanic while I was gone to get some rear lower ball joints and tie-rods 
done.  While I was hanging around waiting for them to total up the bill I 
got browsing through the report of last week's auto auction in 
Milwaukee.  A '90 V8 with 28,000 original miles went through the auction 
for $11,400.  Going to watch the Milwaukee ads closely for the next few 
days to see where it pops up and for how much.

Happy Memorial day weekend to one and all.  Supposed to rain here for the 
next few days.

Bill Murin