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Euro headlights for my 91 200

OK, so who's got Euro headlights, where'd you get 'em and how much did
they cost?

I can get my insurance to pick up dealer quoted price + labour for OE
headlights, but I'll add in whatever more it takes to get Euro
headlights to replace the less-light-than-a-candle pieces of junk that
are now installed...

Here's what I've un-earthed so far re. availability and price:

Shokan		In stock		$870/pair
Ron's Parts	In stock		US$365/side
Eurospec	-		(checking on price)
AudiOnly (Peter)	N/A		N/A			Doesn't carry them now as delivery to him
has been very spotty in the past
TAP		In stock		$810/pair (possibly 10% off)
Peninsula Imp.	-		$350/side (maybe - they're checking on that)

Any more information will be greately appreciated.
- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626