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Re: EGT thermistor location

> Yea, I realize that it won't be in the most desirable location, but
> it is the best I can do at this point. I am using the stock 1 piece
> exhaust manifold which I haven't removed from the engine. If
> I were to try and sample the exhaust gas temps using this
> manifold, I don't know where to install the sensor, since the
> design of this manifold keeps the runners from all 5 cylinders
> divided into 3 channels until it meets the turbo, so at most the
> temps will you read are from only 2 cylinders.

... I sent a message to this effect directly to Dave earlier, but now 
my curiousity is piqued ...

I noticed that on the 2-piece EM there appeared to be a mount point 
[which I assume to be] for the CO tap tube on the front half of the 
manifold, very close to the turbo mounting flange.  Perhaps one of 
my esteemed q-list colleagues (Glen?) can confirm this.  If it is 
true and you aren't mounting an EGT probe at that point does the 
CO tap tube fit?  Do you simply plug the hole?  Based on the con-
cern that the manifold is segmented into 3 flow runners, is the 
hole in a location that would permit a chance of sensing tempera-
ture  from multiple runners?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)