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RE: EGT thermistor location

I noticed that on the 2-piece EM there appeared to be a mount point 
[which I assume to be] for the CO tap tube on the front half of the 
manifold, very close to the turbo mounting flange.  Perhaps one of 
my esteemed q-list colleagues (Glen?) can confirm this.  If it is 
true and you aren't mounting an EGT probe at that point does the 
CO tap tube fit?  Do you simply plug the hole?  Based on the con-
cern that the manifold is segmented into 3 flow runners, is the 
hole in a location that would permit a chance of sensing tempera-
ture  from multiple runners?

Steve Buchholz

There is a threaded hole in the two-piece. I believe from memory that it is in one of the three passages
and immediately upstream from the turbo. I have no idea what it is intended for. I believe the fiche shows
that a plug is to be installed and that is what I have done. An EGT probe here would only monitor that one
passage's temp - just 1 or 2 cylinders, I'll check. The stock sniff tube location is as close to the turbo
outlet as is physically possible - unless you drill & tap the turbo outlet itself, as the sniff tube hole is
located in the downpipe flange that bolts to the turbo hotside outlet. Seems to me this is the best location
for accuracy and also the easiest to implement and is exactly how I will implement it on the KUQEFH that
is by the way now totally torn apart without ever even having been started. FrizzleF'nfratzandfarumph!

If you really wanted to get ultimate accuracy you could mount individual thermocouples in each of
the 5 exhaust port$.