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Re: sunroof lubrication

I have had very good luck using WD-40 sprayed on a clean rag. Then use
the rag to wipe down the tracks several times untill they are clean and
there is a thin film of clean WD-40 left. I then, using the straw,
spray a SMALL amount of WD-40 on the cables thru the slot in the
tracks. Care must be taken to only dampen the cables, excess will soak
thru to the headliner and stain it. The WD collects dust so you need to 
keep up on cleaning and lubing but maintence is a good thing.
IMHO STAY WAY FROM white grease! 
I have fixed several sunroofs that the white grease had baked into a
hard paste that caused the roof to bind and stick. After spending a lot
of time scrubbing that (@*&$
Jim Dupree
"84" 4K & "80" 4K
Porsche/Audi Database
Database Development, Alldata Corp. 


From: Allan Tygert <tygera@rpi.edu>
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 19:41:21 -0400
Subject: sunroof lubrication

Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.

With all the nice weather (FINALLY) I'm getting more and more miffed about
this sunroof of mine (86 5kcstq).  It is quite slow opening and even slower
closing.  The motor sounds like it's doing double duty.  I'm pretty sure
lubricating it will do the trick.  Does anybody have any suggestions for a
procedure for doing this?  I have a Bentley which tells pretty well how to
pull it out, but I would appriciate any pointers you can send my way.

Stay safe!

Allan Tygert