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Left front wheel noise.

I have a 1986 5000CST with 120K miles which has developed quite a 
roaring noise (sort of like a very loud road noise) in the left front 
wheel area.  This noise has been developing over the last 10K miles and 
is now too loud to tolerate.

The noise is always there under all driving conditions, and is loudest 
at 45 - 50 MPH.  The left front wheel exhibits a clicking noise when 
rotated by hand which is not heard on the right front.  I can't tell 
whether the clicking noise is coming from the wheel bearing or the cv 
joints.  The car also has new Nitto "H" rated radials which, when 
rotated, did not affect the roaring noise.

I feel like this is a wheel bearing problem, but I would like to hear 
from a few other people with more experience on these cars before I 

Thanks in advance,