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Re: Left front wheel noise.

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jim Williams say:

> I have a 1986 5000CST with 120K miles which has developed quite a 
> roaring noise (sort of like a very loud road noise) in the left front 
> wheel area.  This noise has been developing over the last 10K miles and 
> is now too loud to tolerate.
> The noise is always there under all driving conditions, and is loudest 
> at 45 - 50 MPH.  The left front wheel exhibits a clicking noise when 
> rotated by hand which is not heard on the right front.  I can't tell 
> whether the clicking noise is coming from the wheel bearing or the cv 
> joints.  The car also has new Nitto "H" rated radials which, when 
> rotated, did not affect the roaring noise.
> I feel like this is a wheel bearing problem, but I would like to hear 
> from a few other people with more experience on these cars before I procede.

Defintely a wheel bearing.

Been there, done that.


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