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New Club Idea

I have been doing a lot of thinking.

 after getting a clear understanding about The QCUSA and the financle
 concearns of it's members I am came up with this idea:

 what if we start a new Club?

 Based on the guess of numbers I heard there are quite a few members on 
 this list. Thinking about this in a whole. why dont we do this.

 #1 lets create a National Audi Club which is made up by members in each

 A club that is made of 50 Districts State by State so that each state  
 has there own elected representive to vote on all subjects related to
 the Club in whole. 
 All 50 reps would make up the board of directors for the club.

 by breaking this down per state we can then have better control easier
 recruitment and better unity down to each member.

 I like this because unlike many other clubs this club would allow each
 member to have a say so in how the club should be ran and having 50
 representitives would get the job done...

 #2 Voting on the issues

   I am still trying to think of how we could pool these representives
   together as far as a meeting place but I think maybe this meeting    
   place can be right here on the web. by creating a home page and    
   electing an adminstrator.


#3 Controling the money

   There are many fiscal companies out there that can handle our club
   funds. this way no single member other than the elected treasurer has
   direct access to these funds.

#4 getting the support we need

   I think we will be able to work with Audi get our member discounts   
   with them on Parts & Services and many other aspects as well.

   I wont go on. I just wanted to plant an Idea.

   any feedback?

   Like maybe that I am insane or something.


  Nick Van Houte