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PK Shiu wrote:
> What good is a QCUSA if it does not want to communicate with this list? This
> list
> is as legitimate a "Audi club" as the QCUSA. I unfortunately has sent them
> my $36
> before all this has happened. Now I am very disappointed.
> I have two questions: How many reader of this list is a QCUSA member?
> and how many people are on this list that would qualify for a QCUSA membership?
> I cannot imagine the QCUSA would alienate a large potential membership
> group, unless
> the numbers are not siginificant. Can we get a roll call or something of
> existing QCUSA member
> and Quattro owners on this list? I would volunteer to count the votes if you
> would just send
> a very short email to me directly, instead of flooding this list.
> Hi, 

I am a Quattro owner but not a Qcusa Member and frankly I am a 
little lost as I have just discovered this list with in the last 30 
days But I have found my second home here. any way can you fill me 
in a little bit on whats happening and maybe bring me up to speed?

I heard about the QCusa club and I thought about joining but from 
all this talk I am hearing about them I am having second thoughts.

maybe you can answer the following questions for me

#1 what person(s) or organization manages or controls this list?

#2 I have heard a lot about membership of this list I am a subsciber 
to it but does this make me a member? If not how do I join?

#3 who is Karen? and what affiliation does she have between this 
list and the QCUSA?

#4 maybe you can quckly recap for me as i only have half the story 
if that. What is the contoversy between Karen, The QCUSA, and this 

#5 is the QCUSA an offical club of Audi North America?
   If so. Who is the QCUSA primary director and what relation is 
this    Organization to the manufacture? 

Sorry Did'nt mean to give you an ear full


Nick Van Houte

84 4KSQ